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Plastic Clear 2 Layers Health Pill Medicine Chest First Aid Kit Case Storage Box

  • High compressive strength, high-quality, non-toxic, durable, ease of use
  • Transparent drug cover design, more convenient to find the necessary medicines
  • Large capacity, can be placed on a variety of drugs, high bottle, big box, scattered and etc
  • Adopted high quality Plastic material,safety,environmental protection, healthy ,conforms to modern life idea
  • Strengthening handle,considerable humanized design , more convenient to use
  • Sealing strong, pest control moisture, lasting protection drug efficacy and moistureproof
  • A striking sign of the cross, easily to be found when you need
  • Square design, less space, conveniently placed
  • To be like in 2 layers on top of three small grid, large grid following a separate layer, convenient and practical, user-friendly design
  • Creek at the top can hold frequently used band-aid, a small pair of scissors, or a cotton swab, etc., can be taken out quickly in the time required
  • Inside the large box can store some cold, stomach and other bottled oral drugs, used independently
  • Handle design, one aspect of the use, on the other hand easy to carry when outdoor activities

Adjustable Height Flexible Long Arms Lazy Desktop Phone Stand Clip Holder 360 Rotation Round Base Support

  • Multi-angle adjustment, 360 degree tilt adjustment, can adjust the angle you like.
  • Lazy Desktop desk cell phone holder made by aluminum alloy and steel stainless provides better stability and durability.
  • The adjustable arms allow you to adjust the suitable angle and height to show your perfect voice. Folding design, convenient to carry and space saving.
  • No tools needed, super easy to assemble. To adjust the height and angle, simply swing the arms, rotate the bracket and position it to the perfect view.It's so easy to move around the house, take outdoors for making quick videos.

Succulent Mini Garden Tool Set Indoor Miniature Fairy Garden Plant Care 3 Pieces

  • 3 pieces of mini garden plant tools , includes a hand shovel,a transparent shovel and a cultivator hand rake.
  • Perfect for digging, transplanting, loosening soil, weeding and more. Best size for succulents and mini plants indoor.
  • Non-slip wooden handle and stainless steel head would provide you with a best experience of gardening.
  • Lifting rope for each handle, convenient to hang up. 
  • Easy to keep and save space.

Silicone Kneading Dough Bag Reusable Food-Grade Multipurpose Food Storage Bag Cooking Tool

  • Food-grade silicone bag, smooth inside, no residue after kneading, non-stick after kneading, easy to clean and reusable. One big and one small is enough for any situation.
  • In the kneading bag, just add flour, water, eggs and other materials, stir well, fasten the bag, and start kneading the dough. You can put the dough bag on any hard surface and it won't leak.
  • Uses: kneading dough, keeping fresh, keeping fresh, shooting cucumbers, making mashed potatoes, etc.
  • Easy to clean, good applicability: It can be cleaned with a unique suspension cleaning design, or can be scrubbed with a soft cloth.
  • Can be used marinated meats or fish, pour ingredients in, tie the bag and pour in fridge, also can be used for pressing fruit and vegetable, making purée. Can also be used to store foods and beverages.

Condiment Sauce Squeeze Bottles Cap Lids for Ketchup BBQ Sauces, Dressing Seasoning Kitchen

  •  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • This condiment squirt bottles are made of food grade PE plastic material to ensure it is non-toxic or harmful substances, BPA free and very healthy for your daily use, Durable for long-term uses.
  • With clear measurements on the body of bottles provide you a visible reference for control the level of content.
  • Perfect for storing any liquid sauces like BBQ sauce, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, melted chocolate.
  •  Also be served in cookies and cake decorating party, arts and crafts.

350ml & 175ml Condiment Squeeze Bottle Sauce for Kitchen Plastic Syrup Salad Dressing Container Food Dispenser 

  • Unique attached cap stays open while you squeeze for a precise pour.
  • Cap snaps closed for shaking and convenient storage.
  • Durable, reusable Bottle is perfect for oil, vinegar, dressing, condiments, syrups and drizzling dessert toppings.
  • Bottle feature convenient measurement markings in cups, oz and mL.
  • BPA free Bottle comes apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

Women Sauna Sweats Pants Hot Fitness Training Pants Exercise Leggings High Waist Workout Gym Body Shaper

  • Women sauna sweating pants are made of top grade heat-trapping silver polymer fabric with Polyester & Fibre, which is very lightweight and very soft and will not chafe or irritate your skin.
  • Silver heat fabric can help to raise body temperature rapidly, help you burn more calories to promote sweating more quickly, and speed up exercise effect and shed the weight during daily wear and workout.
  • Our pants works like sauna effect to boost your body heat and stimulate sweating with any physical activity,like running,yoga, help you raise temperature in a short time and generate the heat to keep inside your body, burn more calories, maximum the workout effect,speed up good figure shape process.
  • The premium heat-trapping material can quickly produce heat reflection&circulation, the gentle compression helps smooth belly, flatten abdomen, slim thighs, and it will sweat out excess water weight healthier.
  • Enjoy a sauna-like experience by wearing this pants.
  • You'll instantly look slimmer and more toned the moment you put them on.

Adjustable Desk Storage Bookends with Pen Stand Holder Multipurpose and Versatile Desktop Accessory

  • Efficiently store your collection of books, journals, magazines, and more.
  • Great for desktop or shelf use, our large adjustable bookends are designed to keep your spaces tidy and neatly organized .
  • Made from the plastic, these tall adjustable bookends are incredibly sturdy, durable. With a smooth surface to keep books safe from scratches, these bookends adjustable (metal) are coated in fade-proof paint to ensure longevity and aesthetic quality.
  • Can be adjusted base on desk space. Along with pen holder , make your desk tidy and organized. 

Dual-Use Hanger Curved Non-Slip Pants Hanger Clothes Space-Saving Shape, Elegant for Closet Organizing

  • Rest assure that it will steadily hold even the heaviest clothes in your closet.
  • Made of high-quality plastic material and chrome, durable and nice looking.
  • Space saving hangers clothing hangers Increases closet space.
  • Non-slip design for preventing clothes from slipping off.
  • Well made with hard sturdy plastic, these skirt hangers proved to be sturdy enough. Once you get it on hand, will feel it pretty rugged, better than other flimsy ones. With compact size, it doesn’t use up much space in your closet.

Effective Boom Magic Bubble Powerful Decontamination Foam Multi-Functional Universal Foam Cleaner

  • Boom magic bubble drain cleaner can solve the problem of drain blockage, just pour the powder into the toilet, pipe, and washing basin. Small foam will be generated during use, no need to scrub, the foam will automatically decompose the dirt and leftover food, Rust, hair.
  • It is the best cleaner for home cooking, vanity, bathtub, shower, sewer drain outlet and sink.
  • Stubborn materials.
  • Effectively prevent clogging drainage.
  • Helps clean up the peculiar smell in the toilet, the stains deposited in the water tank, effectively dredge and improve the flushing effect, and help clean the pipes.

Flower Pot Indoor/Outdoor Round Resin Modern Decorative Plastic Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole and Tray

  • There is a drain hole and a saucer at the bottom of the flower pot, which can be installed when used indoors and removed when used outdoors.
  • Drain holes prevent excessive watering and promote healthy plant growth.
  • The flower pot is made of resin, which is strong and will not deform, and can be used repeatedly for a long time. Before adding soil, put other media such as stones or pebbles at the bottom of the flower pot to form a drainage layer to make the soil moisture suitable.
  • Matching make it suitable for the corners of bedrooms, living rooms, offices and gardens. Choose a suitable plant to match with it!

Resin Petal Pot Pumpkin Type Vertical Flower Pots with Drainage and Saucers for Decorate Indoor Outdoor

  • Comes with a drain hole at the bottom, which can prevents the plant pot from overwatering, promoting plants health, and help them thrive.
  • Saucer base for catching excess water without drips, works well for keep table clean.
  • These indoor planters are practical as well as stylish.
  • Perfect for succulents, cactus, herbs, peace lily, orchids, snake plants, spider plants, and so on.
  • Perfect for decorate windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, office, etc.
  • Modern plastic planter pots are durable, retain moisture well and also very lightweight. And the planter pots with subtle drainage saucer that looking to spruce up your living and work space.

Gardening Mini Small  Flower Pot Square Plastic Round  Resin Plant Pots Succulent Planter Nursery Pots

  • Square shape plant pot is not easy to deform,breathable,lightweight,durable and waterproof and reusable for years of use.
  • The pot bottom has small holes to keep soil drained and ventilated,the drain trays help you to avoid damage to the table or window sill surface.
  • These pots suit for various small plants and flowerspots make you feel happy,perfect fit to your windowsill,shelf,rack,balcony or table at the office or home.Additionally,this set makes a great gift to your friend loving gardening.
  • Durable - Made of Durable and sturdy material. Super lightweight and Safe around kids or lively animals.
  • White planters is accented with a contrasting natural color base for a contemporary look. Perfect for decorating a home office, kitchen, patio, or deck.

Folding Car Trunk Storage Organizer Pockets Compartment Collapsible Portable Storage Box with Strap Handle

  • The container could be divided into two sections. There are two side pocket can take some books or electronic items, some small tools or items could be put into the mesh pocket on the front of storage container.
  • Storage Cargo Box is really easy to install and collapse. If you are no longer using it, you can fully fold it and it will occupy little space. Don’t forget to take the organizer with you when you are going shopping or to the supermarket. It is helpful and eco-friendly.
  • Organize important emergency equipment, tools, groceries, sporting goods, cleaning supplies, pet and kid toys, snacks, electronic accessories, and much more. The organizer can also be collapsed in half to fit smaller cars.
  • Corral groceries, sports equipment, and more everyday essentials your car hauls.